API Backend in a week

What is an API Backend?

Modern webapps (like Angular or React) and mobile apps (native and also Ionic/React Native) need a JSON API to manage users and to connect to a database.

Advantages of GraphQL on AWS

  • Single API endpoint with a powerful yet simple query language to query, modify and subscribe to data
  • GraphQL is a specification and therefore a standard you can rely on
  • Model your data with a single GraphQL schema (GraphQL types)
  • Easy client integration
  • Easy deployment
  • No server or server management needed
  • Based on the highly scalable AWS DynamoDB cloud database
  • Low cost, no fixed server costs, only pay for what you use

What you'll get

Your API Backend will have the following endpoints:

  • Single graphQL endpoint to manipulate data (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Subscriptions (for data that was created, changed, updated or deleted)
  • User registration
  • Confirm registration (email confirmation code)
  • Resend confirmation code
  • User login
  • Forgotten password
  • Confirm/set new password
  • Send email


  • API Backend cloud installation (in your own AWS account / full control over your backend and data)
  • GraphQL Schema (JSON)
  • Amplify Config & Javascript files for client integration (Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions)
  • Postman collection with examples


  • The software is intended and developed for Amazon AWS, so you will need an AWS account. You can easily create a new account if you don't have one yet. Signing up is free and you will only be charged if you actually use any of the services. Please keep in mind that the account activation usually takes a day or two, so please complete this task first before moving on. If asked about a support plan, just choose the free basic setup plan for now.
  • If you have a fully activated AWS account, please login to AWS Console with your root account and create a new IAM user for the API Backend software. Please choose the username deploy if . The IAM user will need permissions to access:
    • AWS Amplify
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS AppSync
    • AWS Cognito
    • AWS S3
    • AWS SES
  • Please take note of the access key and secret key. Besides the programmatic access method I would recommend you allow this user to access the console too. This may be necessary for debugging and maintenance.
  • I will need the access key and secret key to setup the software. Once I'm finished and everything is functional you can revoke the access key and generate a new one for yourself to maintain the software. Once setup the software usually doesn't need any support until AWS decides to introduce new requirements or upgrades.
  • Next you will have to define the GraphQL types you would like to have in your API Backend. A maximum of 10 types is included in this offer.
  • Please contact me via e-Mail so we can arrange a date and find a week for the installation process. Please send along the fully finished GraphQL types templates as well. If you need help with the GraphQL types message me.
  • In a final step please send me the AWS the access key and secret key in time for the installation date. We can use PGP or a different secure channel.

Please contact me via e-Mail for pricing!